Hello! I’m Nikki-Marie, AKA яιввση™ on Hello!Online, alot of people know me there. (If I know you, please comment and say “HI!” ^^

I’m 15 years old, a Sophomore in High School. I used to take dance, and that’s why I can learn Berryz dances so quickly! Umm~ I have a Mad obsession with Alice in Wonderland XD Chat me up about it sometime!!

I love:

  • Berryz Koubou
  • Anime
  • Food
  • Texting
  • Hands (Don’t ask..!)
  • Reading
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • and hanging out with friends!

I appreciate Japanese culture so much, even if my parents don’t, too!

Umm~ I hate meat! ><;;! It’s weird, I just don’t like the taste. I’m an only child, and i’m spoiled! XD Ahhh~

Oh well! Nice to meet you all! (Or, nice to see you!)