I just watched Yaguchi Mari’s scenes in the game.. and uhm. Didn’t she get nervous!? xDD I mean look at them, they’re so obviously sexual!

If the game gets released in English, and has A Japanese setting, I’m gonna get it just to hear her voice ^^ I don’t care what she’s saying, I just wanna hear her voice ❤ XD

I really like Yaguchi. Have since I first found out about her. She’s so tiny and cute! I’d love to meet her IRL ❤ That would be so cool!! I admire her and her stamina for such a tiny little.. body xD

She always has the coolest outfits, AND she likes One Piece! It’s why I started reading it in the first place 😀 I need to read the ones I have, speaking of that..

Hmm~ It was unfair about Oosaka Koi no Uta’s scandal though D: She shouldn’t have left, she had a wonderful voice and I don’t think anyone would have minded about the scandal! Ah well, let bygones be bygones~



I’m sorry I never write alot in this blog!! If I type too much I get writer’s cramp (FROM TYPING!) and it really hurts, so i don’t like going through that ;__; I promise, If I ever get over this Writer’s Pains phase I will write a really long blog post for all you lovelies, okay! ❤ Please continue to support me and my illnesses >A<

Picture of the Day:

Yaguchi! ❤